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Problem with the manual for the Taito Vewlix.

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Je suis désolé, mais je ne parle pas français.  I love your site and have used the manuals for some of my Capcom PCBs. I was trying to download the manual for the Taito Vewlix cabinet titled, Vewlix part 1.pdf. The file is listed at 76mb, but always fails at 27mb. The Vewlix Jamma kit.pdf is listed at 52mb and fails at 27mb as well. Am I doing something wrong?



We have changed our host, I think there is a memory limit on he new server... I can't help you for now, we're on a meeting (with a lot of pinballs :D), but i'll try something later.

Thanks for the information.

I've made a quick fix, you should be able to download it now.

(Yes, it's mioux, with our special meeting account  =:)) )

Thank you very much for the quick fix. I was able to download the 52mb Vewlix Jamma file. Unfortunately I still cannot download the Vewlix part 1.pdf file.  :'(

It seems that now instead of sending the file as a download, the system has the file opened in adobe inside the webpage. It takes a few minutes and then fails. As if it downloaded almost to the end of the file and then fails.

Either way you provide a great service to arcade enthusiasts, so I sent a donation :)

Now you have a direct connection to the file, this is why Adobe tries to show it instead of downloading it.

If you really need it, I can copy it in another folder, with "vewlix.pdf.rename" as name, so it will be downloaded instead of shown.

And thanks for the donation :happyjump:


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