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Instead of creating another new website on tamdb.net, TamDB's support will be on :ic:

Just a few rules :
- All the posts should concern TamDB only
- If you're lookinh at a manual,  try a search query on TamDB .
- If you couldn't find it, you can open a new subject for your request... Remember to put a [RECH] or [REQ] in the title (Rech is for "Recherche" in french)
- If you have a manual that is not in the list (or a better quality one) you can send it to : webmaster [AT] tamdb [DOT] net
- You can (if you have a webspace or you have uploaded it on rapidshare or another storage site) open a new subject with the link if you prefer (Try to put a [ENV] or [UPL] (for envoi (in French) or upload) in the title.
- The manuals should be in PDF format... If you can't create PDF, send us your sources, we'll try to convert it

Thanks in advance ;)


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